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About us

As a dedicated expert in his field director Mher Kristosduryan can talk for hours about the shoe business. Talking with proud about the masters of shoe business, he emphasizes: “Armenians are great masters of their craft; we just have to be ready to learn and upgrade our skills. Try to take into account the experience of foreign countries, especially in the field of both business and culture. To manufacture high-quality footwear it is necessary both to work thoroughly on each detail and to take into account that one small mistake can lead to zero all the effort. Of course, it`s not possible to achieve perfect quality, but we must always strive for the ideal”. According to what says Kristosduryan as exporting company, all efforts are aimed at the development and distribution of the brand "KristoBad". He is sure that it would be easier if the label "Made in Armenia" was seen as a sign of quality abroad. "I think that the success of the brand" KristoBad" is also the success of Armenia abroad. It is only necessary to restore the good name of Armenia in this area," - concludes the businessman. Partner and co-founder of the company Armen Badalyan, adds in his turn: "We must try to provide the world market high quality footwear with a modern design. Future of shoe business in Armenia is in high-quality production of footwear, “KristoBad” is moving in this direction”. Businessman proudly adds that the company’s largest “machine” is a sewing machine, which is a wealth of “KristoBad”, is the human potential: those masters, which create the company's products. Good footwear - is not only an attractive look, but first of all comfort! The success of “KristoBad” is in constant development and innovative technologies, without which business cannot grow.







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